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I am an unwilling nomadic soul looking for a place to put down permanent roots. I have lived in all but 9 states (soon to be 10) as well as 4 Canadian provinces. I have learned more than I ever wanted to know by these means. All things considered, this should be an interesting space, put together by a person known for staying quiet while others take center stage. I think my turn has come to toss out gems that have been residing within for more years than I care to admit to. So who am I? I've been asking this same question for most of my life, so having a ready answer for you does not seem likely. Maybe in this journal, we can discover this together. About my habitation on the planet; for now I will say I am a female, a mother, a wife, a nomad, an artisan, an idealist, a keeper of secrets, a caring soul of the state of all things natural & most of my life, supportive & non-judgemental. And a very loyal friend to all. I feel very strongly about people in my life knowing that if they ask my advice or my opinion, they will get it. I believe that if a person wants to hear answers that suit them every time, then they should record those answers for themselves and play them back.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Reckless or life-loving?

I always remember my mother hollering from our front door..."If you get hit by a car and die, young lady, I'm gonna kill you!" Well the funny thing about that was that I never thought about the absurdity of the remark; I was more worried about her killing me than a car doing it! I knew I was safe in the road, otherwise I wouldn't have been out there. But my Mom when she was mad? Ho boy! There's a nightmare for you!

I always knew I'd be alright no matter what I endeavored to do, I was just that sure of myself. Whether it was hanging from the rafters of an old barn, or walking rooftops playing pirates, I was as sure-footed as your most able-bodied cat. And it is an amazing thing...when you're that confident of yourself, you are infallible. Even if you slip up and nearly plunge from whatever precipice you're enjoying, your confidence gives you the ability to gain purchase and save your hide. From senseless diving off a lofty cliff into unknown waters, to racing down a mountainside with no knowledge of where it ended, the thought that it may be dangerous never crossed my mind. Amazing as it seems I did survive this folly and lived to sit and blog about it.

All these things come into my mind with the passing of Steve Irwin. The myriad of seemingly unsafe things he did on a daily basis and he loses his life doing something that considered safe by almost everyone.
It almost makes me nervous to lean a little in my chair.


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